The B-side of Europe

The pessimistic scenario threatening the Old Continent does not deter Bernardo Pires de Lima’s firm belief in Europeanism, grounded by his critical spirit, as he embarks on a year-long journey through the 28 European capitals.

Throughout his travels, he explores the cities in their multiple facets: political, cultural, social, economic. He interviews the country leaders of various sectors of society, speaks informally with people from different contexts, addresses some of the great internal debates in each country, and witnesses important decisions and turbulent election nights.

The result is a map of the changes and challenges Europe faces in the new century, through a journey that introduces the reader to the often-unknown everyday life in these cities. This “B-side of Europe” is, therefore, a tribute to the conquests shared between nations and a declaration of hope in the future.

“For readers who wish to gain a better understanding of Europe, this book is a must read. One only wishes the author will be will‐ ing to embark on a similar project again in a few years and follow up on his conversations to see where Europe will be at then.”

Erik Brattberg, director of the Europe Program and a fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in Washington

Ebook: The B Side of Europe